25 Celebrities With Criminal Records

We all admire and appreciate celebrities. Not even the modern psychology can explain why is that so. We just love celebrities and some of them are even our role models. However, we aren’t aware that celebrities are humans just like we are and that they are also capable of making mistakes, even the big mistakes.

Just like some other humans, there are celebrities that even you may appreciate that is a criminal. Yes, celebrities are also fully capable of committing a crime. In this article, we will feature celebrities and crimes they have been arrested and charged for. Let’s see who the 25 Celebrities With Criminal Records are:

#25 – Mick Jagger

We are pretty sure that you all know who this man is. If you don’t know who he is, we can only say that this man is the lead singer of one of the most famous bands in the history, The Rolling Stones.

It seems that it is true when someone says that rockers are bad boys if we follow Mick Jagger’s criminal records. In 1972, Jagger was arrested for obstructing a Justine and being involved in an assault.