25 Cities With Most Bizarre Names

Some cities in the world we live in are recognized globally for their historical value, their cultural value, their wondrous places of interest, and even for good food.

However, there are some cities in this world that are not known for anything else but for their bizarre names. However, thanks to their bizarre and odd names, these cities are slowly becoming popular tourist spots. You will both die of laughter and be in shock how certain places on the Earth were named. We only feel bad for those people who have to answer anyone’s question where do they come from and they have to reply with “I come from Monkey Eyebrows.” Now, let’s see what the 25 Cities With Most Bizarre Names are:

#25 – Nothing, Arizona – The United States

Imagine living in a city that is called Nothing. Whenever someone would ask you where do you come from, you would have to reply you come from Nothing. And then the people would think you were crazy or joking. You would probably get mad and have to convince for hours people that there is actually a place in Arizona called Nothing.

At the moment, this city called Nothing is uninhabited. The city was founded in 1977.