25 Countries with Highest Suicide Rate

During the last forty-five years the rate of suicides is getting increased day by day worldwide. Suicide rate has been increased to 60%. According to WHO (World Health Organization), most of the suicide are occurring in those countries that are poor or low in statistic. Report from WHO intimates that in every 40 seconds, a person commits suicide somewhere in this world. In general speaking, the suicide occurrence in men is 3 times more than women. Islam strictly opposes the suicide. Taking you own life is haram in Islamic sharia, that is why it is minor in Muslim countries. Suicides all around the world are occurring by use of poison, hanging, a lot of pills, drinking acids, and fire arms. It seems like this trend is not going to an end but let hope for the best. Here we have collected list of 25 countries according to WHO that have the highest suicide rate all over the world:

#25 – Poland – 16.6 (30.5 men – 3.8 women)

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Poland is a central European country that is consisting of forty million citizens. In Poland out of 0.1 million people 16.6 people commit suicide which is really scary because these people do not leaving suicide notice or anything that could help to determine the major cause of this suicide. Everything we know is that the Poland is one of those countries whose men and women are taking their own lives.