25 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

There is no joking with the breast cancer. This type of cancer is the leading cause of death in women globally. Just after the breast cancer, the second most common female cancer is cervical cancer.

Each breast cancer grows step by step, insidiously. That is why you should regularly perform breast self-exams. Together with regularly checking your breasts for any sign of the breast cancer, you should also eat foods that prevent the breast cancer. In this list, we will feature these foods. Keep in mind that eating these foods won’t completely make you safe from breast cancer and that you should regularly perform breast exams. Now, let’s see what are the 25 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer:

#25 – Broccoli

People either hate or love this green vegetable. However, if you are a woman and you hate broccoli, reconsider your relationship with this green veggie. You will start loving this veggie the moment we tell you that it significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer.

And do you know what is also great about broccoli? It is extremely low in calories and you can eat is as much as you want. Some people even it raw, which is the best way to absorb the chemical agents in broccoli that fight breast cancer.