25 Most Beautiful Pools Around the World

Swimming is a complete body exercise that is consider in the category for having fun and relaxation. However when it comes to most fascinating swimming pools it becomes bliss. Competition of having a good and beautiful pool is getting tougher day by day; some of pool is naturally made whereas some are man-made pools. It totally depends on you that either you are swimming for the purpose of exercise or to enjoy the breath taking views.  Swimming pools in this world are categorized into different types like world most beautiful pool or the most longest pool. But these days most the beautiful pools are founded in the resorts. Specially those resorts that are surrounded by amazing nature or wonderful surroundings. These pools are considered as the best pool for swimming. Fun of swimming increases during summer season, so here we have collected list of 25 most beautiful pools around the world for you, if you ever get a chance to visit the pools do not forget to swim:

#25 – Utah Crater Pool, Midway

This pool is located in Utah midway homestead crater. It is about fifty five feet tall and is surrounded by limestone rocks. This pool has been hollowed out by nature that’s why it has to be filled with water from 90 degree to 96 degree.