25 Most Powerful Passport in the World

Passport is the travelling booklet for the purpose of worldwide travel often issued by the government of the country that ensures the nationality and identity of its owner. Standard passports can hold the information of the owner’s name, their photograph, place, signature, date of birth and other relevant information which is required. Passports are now going towards latest form that contain biometric record in a microchip implanted in the document that can be readable by mechanical device or machine and hard to fake. European countries first initiated the passport requirements during World War I (1914-1918). When United States was at war, 65th congress approved the Travel Control Act of May 22, 1918. This Act gives power to president to impose restrictions to entry or departure of people within the United States.

Power or strength of the passport can be measured by how freely it allows you to travel. Keeping in mind to do that, we alluded to the Visa Restriction Index distributed yearly by Henley and Partners. Numerous countries often permit entrance to the passport owner’s of other states but some of them requiring a visa additionally to be held. Some countries which is in dispute with other countries does not recognize their disputed countries passport and prohibit the use of their passport  for travel to that country or may prohibit entrance to owner’s of that passport. These are list of 25 most powerful passports in the world that everyone wants to own.

#25 – Icelandic passports (169)

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Icelandic passports are issued by the government of Iceland to their citizens to facilitate worldwide traveling. Physical appearance of Icelandic passports is blue color with picture of Icelandic coat of arms displayed in the middle of the front cover. Requirements of Visa for Iceland citizens are authoritative entrance limitations by the administrative of different states set on natives of Iceland. Icelandic natives had visa-on-entry access or visa free to 169 nations and regions, positioning the Icelandic passport eighth on the world. Besides, by prudence of Iceland’s enrollment of the European Economic Area (EEA), they can go to 28 member states of European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to work and live as they want.