25 Ways to Make a Good CV

CV is known as curriculum vitae. There is a difference between CV and resume. CV contains your all information including your photograph whereas the resume is short and not need your photograph. Normally employer spend less than 40 seconds to go through each CV, so to catch the attention of employer you are needed to add such contents in your CV or resume that are interesting for him and conveys why you are a candidate worth interviewing. That is why most of the job providing agencies or the companies requests their candidate to submit the CV in word document by attaching it to an email or uploading it in the resume or CV section in their website. So, they check the CV making skills of candidate as style and format of CV express him thoroughly and sometimes with the help of software they analyze and important content of CV abruptly. Here we have brought to you 25 ways though which you can make your resume of CV better, so don’t forget to like and share it:

#25 – Make It Look Professional

If you have ever gone through professional documents or may have searched on Google then you’ll see that professional documents are mostly plain or black and white. In a professional field no one like colors as they express something different so never use colored paper or backgrounds in your CV. If you are mailing printed copies then print it on white paper.